I go to dr. Del mundo and couldn' t be happier! He is always very friendly and seems to truly care. He's very gentle and explains thing very well. His nurses always seem great too. I love that they have a pal in the same office. Erica ‎ - Feb 7, 2011


I go to dr. crenshaw shes very friendly and made me feel very comfortable for my first PAP she is very informative amd doesnt let you leave with a doubt ot question in mind :)i cocosuquoi ‎ - Sep 21, 2011




     Dr. Edwards 

            Does this provider remember you and your circumstances at every appointment?  Yes               

            Did this OBGYN treat you with respect?   Yes, they went above and beyond               
            Was this provider friendly?   Very! The most welcoming office I've visited!               

            Did this OBGYN thoroughly review your medical history before examining you? Yes, they were extremely  thorough

            Did this OBGYN promptly notify you about any test results?   Yes, they were the fastest I've seen and polite             

            Does this provider maintain a professional appearance?  Yes, he/she looked very professional      

From Angie's List

      Dr. Crenshaw
             My wife's OB-GYN is Dr. Wendy Crenshaw. She was in last year for an annual check-up. She basically saved my 
             wife's life. She found tumors which turned out to be cancer. She is great. She is sometimes hard to see as has so
             many patients. I will absolutely continue to see her. Posted June 29, 2012